sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2025

We moved to Yogurk.blogspot.com

Hello, for those who don't know, this site is currently intented for updates/news, for all the content and music please refer to this site : 

If you have any suscription to this site please change your feeder/email suscription to the new site. 

Hope you are having a good day, and please talk to your friends about this site!


viernes, 16 de agosto de 2019


The blog Yogurk.blogspot.com will be down for a few hours, or 1 day max, i will install another template, so please comeback soon.

miércoles, 7 de agosto de 2019

Custom Made Wooden Perforated Decorative Wall Covering Panels

In 2011, PerforatedAcousticPanels established facotry in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. Getting good reputation in perforated acoustic panels, we are become a famous factory in south china. Quality first and Honestly operating is our company principle. Focus on acoustic panels, Just do acoustic panels, professional in acoustics is our orientation.

Wood Perforated Decorative Wall and Ceiling Covering Panel
1.Customized sizes available for bulk orders
2.Absorbing low & middle frequencies
4.Reduce reverberation time.

We have the following products:
Fire Retardant Perforated Wood Acoustic Wall Panel Cheap Wall Panel
Wooden Perforated Acoustic Sound Absorbing Panel Wooden Acoustic Board for Auditorium
Select Sound Perforated Fireproof MDF Wooden Acoustic Board
Wooden Perforated Auditorium Sound Insulation Acoustic Panel Wood Acoustic Panel
Now, our timber acoustic panels are mainly exported to Angola, Brazil, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Italy, Poland, Turkey, India, United States, Singapore, etc.

Our rich experience in perforated acoustic panel production and exporting service is our most competitive advantage in China. The quality and scale of our factories have been improved and are the top 3 in China. PerforatedAcousticPanels working team can supply you with high quality products and professional design services.

Some of our projects are Shenzhen Nanshan Style Center, Hunan Yueyang Sports Center, Yantai Wucai Art Center, Chongqing City Court, Sichuan Southwest University Finance Stadium, Sichuan Hanyuan Convention Center, and so on.
Our URL: https://www.perforatedacousticpanels.com/perforated-acoustic-panels/

martes, 6 de agosto de 2019

Logo Design App oder Software Geeignet für Logo? Ursprüngliche Analyse

Unabhängig davon, ob Sie Freiberufler, Selbständiger, Unternehmer oder Unternehmer sind, das Logo ist sehr wichtig. Das Logo ist Ihr Image in der Branche. Ein gutes Logo kann die Unternehmensphilosophie und Markenkultur des Unternehmens vermitteln. Wenn Sie beispielsweise Luxusschmuck herstellen, können Sie beim Entwerfen des Logos ein edles Gefühl zeigen, das die meisten Frauen anzieht.

Über Logo Design ist eigentlich sehr professionell und wichtig, so dass wir Kunden nicht empfehlen, ihre eigenen Logos zu entwerfen oder verschiedene Arten von Apps zu verwenden. 

Die folgenden Nachteile bestehen für Laien, die Logos zum Entwerfen von Apps oder Software verwenden:

1: HaveLogo , Website: www.havelogo.com Unterstützung für den Handel mit Logo-Design, 1 Logo für 50 US-Dollar, Homepage wie folgt :
1: Das Entwerfen Ihres Logos mit der App wird nicht registriert. Grund: Zu viele Leute benutzen es. Weil die App voller Vorlagengrafiken ist.

2: Logos, die von Laien entworfen wurden, sind im Allgemeinen unprofessionell und verschwenden Zeit. Es hat viel Zeit und Mühe gekostet, und schließlich war der Bambuskorb leer.

3: Das Logo der App-Klasse, wenn es ein wenig unzufrieden ist, kann niemand es ändern. Schließlich müssen Sie jemanden bezahlen, der damit umgeht und Zeit verschwendet.

4: Die App enthält normalerweise nicht viele Vorlagen.

Natürlich gibt es auch Vorteile, wie zum Beispiel das kostengünstige und schnelle Entwerfen eines Logos. Kunden, die Logo-Design benötigen, können auch Freiberufler oder Logo-Design-Unternehmen (die teurer sind) wählen, die eine gute Wahl sind. Natürlich können Sie auch entscheiden, Logo-Design-Plattform zu kaufen und zu verkaufen, der Autor ist derzeit der bekannteste.

Nachgedruckt bitte die URL behalten: http://de.havelogo.com/logo/467.html Vielen Dank

lunes, 21 de enero de 2019

See You Space Cowboy...

All these years have been a wonderful experience for me, sometimes intense and tiresome but never really bad or dull; nonetheless, about the numerous changes we observed through the years of Yogurk blogging history, this blog template really gotten awesome. Although I would like to enjoy this template a little more, but it's time to say our farewells.

It seems i feel very obliged to do a brief summary of the start/end of the blog.

The first steps before finally reaching the foundation of the blog were quite difficult; In the 2014 i didn't had the opportunity of knowing or reaching Soulseek community, neither Jpopsuki; Even so, I never gave up, and i continued searching the entire network for the albums of those artists I had only been able to listen to on YouTube. It was horribly harder than expected, but then realized that if it were hard for me, then it would be even harder for anyone.

I had some setbacks and i did a 1 year hiatus, so the blog returned to the normal activities in 2016; then i met Christian, he became my partner and i was really happy to had some help, but then we broke apart and i didn't have anymore his support in the music content; however i reconsidered several times the idea of leaving the blog behind and give up, but some people really helped me out, and that's where i found Erick.

He helped me in the process of regaining my own confidence and to start again, although we don't talk anymore; finally that year i found Slsk and i have to thank this users to helped me a lot:

  • mthsla
  • niivozombie (this user gave me access to Jpopsuki)
  • luvcitypop
  • trappedinlimbo
  • ura
  • yokophonic
  • grahambaster
  • Many, many more.
And specially not you : Scramoutcha.

If i did have to excuse me of the decisions i made about definitely leaving blogging would be: I need to move onto another personal projects, professional too.

The rest of the picture is history, not to be told by me, but from you; it was funny and awesome to hear how people got here, but i'm glad that they did it.

Special mention and thanks to my friend : Butch.


(Thanks to you, for making this dream possible)


Until we meet again.